Assessment of Laboratory Skills for Pharmacy Students at LIMU Emphasizes Quality Education and Clinical Competence

1 June 2024, the assessment of laboratory skills for second-year students in the Faculty of Pharmacy for the academic year 2023-2024 took place. The assessment employed the Objective Structured Practical Exams (OSPE) method to test students’ skills and evaluate their performance in specific laboratory tasks.

It is important to mention that the Faculty of Pharmacy at LIMU is committed to delivering all types of courses in accordance with quality standards. The faculty prioritizes the safety, security, and health of its students and all faculty members.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at LIMU awards a Bachelor’s degree in the PharmD program. The Faculty is the only one in Libya to offer this degree. This professional degree equips graduates with high levels of competence in both the scientific and practical aspects of pharmacy.

Graduates are qualified to provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to patients using optimal methods. This, in turn, aims to improve the quality of healthcare services offered in Libyan healthcare institutions and ultimately contribute to the restructuring of the Libyan healthcare system.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program also places significant emphasis on the role of the pharmacist in the clinical setting. To this end, the program provides students with the opportunity to develop and refine their clinical skills, gaining sufficient experience to deliver appropriate patient care. This is achieved through clinical training undertaken by students during the professional phase of their studies.

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