Launching of the Internal Electronic Examination System by the Department of Information Technology

The Department of IT has developed an internal and local E-exams system, which enables faculties to conduct exams electronically on campus without the need to connect to the Internet. The administration has trained several officials of the Study and Examination Offices from different faculties on the use of this system and supervised the conduction of a series of experimental exams, the results of which were more than satisfactory, which indicated the faculties to start utilizing the system.

The launch of this system comes as part of the Department of Information Technology’s endeavor to provide consultation and technical support to all faculties and departments of the university, and to provide advanced technical solutions that support the technical excellence of the university, and to provide an infrastructure for a secure private network that serves all departments and faculties, and to continuously develop them and standardize software and databases through designing and programming systems that covers the needs of all departments and faculties, to ensure that the educational process runs with convenience and ease, and to overcome the deterioration of internet services that sometimes hinder the performance of examinations.

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