The First Scientific Session of the Final Conference of the SAHA Project: Healthcare Management Master’s program presentations

The first scientific session commenced under the management of Dr. Antonio M. Moroni from the University of Pavia, Italy.

The session revolved around the Master’s program in Healthcare in the project’s target universities. Several valuable presentations were delivered, addressing various scientific, technical, and administrative aspects of this program, as well as the results, final outcomes, faculty, and students involved.Presentations were given by:Dr. Sabri Jabran from the LIMU.

Dr. Najwa Fittouri – University of Tripoli.

Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Maqsbai – Misurata University.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Masoud – Sabha University.

Dr. Ibrahim Dabnoun – Sirte University.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hajj – Zawiya University.

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