Internal Medicine’s Scientific Day: Tackling High Blood Pressure: The Current Landscape

Following the recent conclusion of the final international conference (SAHA Project) hosted by LIMU, the university takes pride in welcoming esteemed Libyan figures in the medical field. This morning, May 1st, 2024, the Department of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the Libyan International Medical University held its Scientific Day activities within the Ahmed Al-Sharif Mujahid Hall. The event, overseen by Dr. Othman Al-Tajouri, supervisor of the faculty’s scientific days, unfolded under the theme “Tackling High Blood Pressure: The Current Landscape.”

Numerous specialists and students from the Faculty of Medicine attended the event.

Dr. Jamal Al-Talhi, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, inaugurated the significant scientific gathering. He emphasized the crucial role of well-established academic institutions in monitoring and tracking public health situations, analyzing them, formulating indicators, and proposing solutions. Dr. Al-Talhi welcomed the renowned experts and specialists, acknowledging their vital contributions to national progress. He underscored the significance of these esteemed scientific meetings as platforms for fostering communication and interaction between the experts and the university’s Faculty of Medicine students. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of leveraging artificial intelligence’s potential in medical education and addressing the challenges confronting the medical profession across various medical and healthcare fields.

Dr. Mohamed Osama Al-Zawi, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, delivered a speech addressing the concept of scientific days for the clinical departments within the Faculty of Medicine, emphasizing their alignment with the Faculty’s educational strategy and policy.

The Scientific Day was distinguished by the participation of Libyan experts from four Libyan scientific societies dedicated to hypertension research. These experts presented reviews of medical literature on the prevalence of this chronic condition, diagnostic methods, and strategies for mitigating its risks. The participating specialized societies included:

The Libyan Society of Kidney Transplantation.
The Libyan Heart Society.
The Libyan Society for Hypertension.
The Libyan Diabetes Society.

The event culminated in a well-deserved tribute to the participating lecturers, organizers of the Scientific Day, and the event’s sponsor, Afia Pharmaceuticals, the official agent for the French company SERVEH.

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