Faculty of Pharmacy Holds Seventh Annual Stakeholder Meeting

The Faculty of Pharmacy held its seventh annual stakeholder meeting on Saturday, March 30, 2024. The meeting was attended by a number of students, parents, faculty members, educational and clinical supervisors, graduates, and representatives from the Ministry of Health, hospitals, and community pharmacies. The meeting covered the following topics:

The faculty’s strategic plan and programs for 2024-2030

Competencies of graduates of the “Doctor of Pharmacy” program

Clinical training for internship students

International accreditation for the “Doctor of Pharmacy” program

The faculty at LIMU is committed to linking its program to the community to meet its needs and ensure active participation in solving the profession’s problems. Many different stakeholder entities provide an appropriate environment for training pharmacy students under the direct supervision of their trained staff, in cooperation with the faculty members. This is to ensure that the student is integrated into the work environment to learn about it and acquire sufficient skills before graduation and entering the labor market.

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