The Registrar of the University Ibrahim Al Maghraby during the last two weeks conducted meetings with new students in different faculties to explain the set of values ​​and moral orientations that the university seeks to establish and abide by the university administration, teaching staff, employees and students to create a special identity of the university to strengthen the confidence of the community and clients, partners and employees.

The General Registrar confirmed during these meetings that the student is the center of interest of the university and for this the work system is managed in recognition of the importance of the purpose of the existence of university education, the student is not only concerned with the scientific aspects but also the university seeks to cultivate it, And reward students and motivate them to greater excellence, stressing the importance of adherence to the regulations governing the affairs of students and determine their rights and duties, and their relations with the members of the teaching staff, and employees of the university and their colleagues and society.


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