Student Mohammed Eldressi Third in Libya\’s Physical Strength Championship

The fourth year student/pharmacy faculty \”Mohammed Abdelkader Eldressi\” gets the third ranking in Libya\’s Physical Strength Championship (box A) at a weight of 105 kg junior, after participating in the competition for weights: 245 kg for the two men, 145 kg for the chest and 290 kg for the two captains, and achieving a total of 680 kg, although he is participating for the first time in this tournament and his second in Eastern region-wide tournament.

It is indicated that 138 of the 16 clubs participated in the three-day tournament of the Soliman Al-Darat Sports Complex in Benghazi, under the supervision of the Libyan Federation of Physical Force, which is the eligible tournament of the Libya Championship.

Physical strength sport is reported to be one of the individual sports whose Libyan heroes have previously capped many tournaments and gold medals in their various African and international partnerships, over the past year and their heroes have broken Arab and African records

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