Students from the Faculty of Pharmacy Take Part in a Global Activity Hosted by CNN World

The word “international,” which has come to represent this university, did not originate in a vacuum and is not used arbitrarily; rather, it is a reality that is reflected in its curricula, teaching strategies, student outcomes, and international collaborations. On March 17, 2023, ten first-year pharmacy students from the faculty of pharmacy participated in a Generation Global video conference on human trafficking as part of CNN’s #MYFREDOMDAY event.
Together with the students from the faculty of pharmacy at the Libyan International Medical University, as well as participants from various nations took part in this activity, including 26 students from Armenia, 1 from Afghanistan, 1 from India, 11 from Peru, 5 from the United States, and 3 from Mexico. The conference dealt with human rights, specifically the issue of human trafficking, and examples of how to protect people from falling into this inhumane practice.
The presence of the pharmacy students was remarkable, as well as their participation and answers to questions with confidence, with high communication skills.

In addition to visiting some schools, such as First Elite School for Girls and Cambridge Benghazi, the same group of pharmacy students from LIMU made presentations and handed out flyers to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking, its types, and causes. This was done in conjunction with the activity.

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