The Faculty of Dentistry Takes Pride for the Team That Achieved Canadian Accreditation

The Faculty of Dentistry at the Libyan International University proudly celebrates the dedicated team that led the efforts to secure Canadian accreditation.

This historic achievement underscores the academic and scientific excellence of the faculty, reaffirming its commitment to providing the highest levels of healthcare in the field of dentistry.

The Faculty of Dentistry extends its deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who contributed to this monumental accomplishment, including the faculty’s members, alumni, and staff who worked with unity and dedication to achieve this prestigious goal. This success will enhance the faculty’s reputation and expand opportunities for academic and research collaboration on an international level.

This achievement is the result of collective efforts and unwavering dedication, embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence that the Faculty of Dentistry upholds. The faculty looks forward to future accomplishments, driven by the commitment of its exceptional team to excellence and leadership in the field.

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