The Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology Meets the Students

The Faculty of Information Technology organized a special meeting for its students where the dean of the faculty, Prof. Tawfiq Al-Taweel, spoke about the initiation of the full implementation of the faculty’s plan to develop and update the ways and methods of conducting final exams from the paper system to the electronic system, starting from the academic year 2021/2020.

It is of note that the electronic-based exams are specific exams that contain a time limit and is subject to supervision, which is conducted using a computer for each of the examinees with a unified operating system. These exams are distinguished from paper exams. They sometimes include multimedia, simulation systems, and software test items that give more validity to the exam.

Certain electronic exam programs work using question banks that are designed by faculty staff that sets each exam question at random for each student. Some programs offer the option of selecting questions for the teacher, as desired. In this way, each student gets a set of random questions to prevent cheating. The electronic exams are located in the field of electronic assessments, where students present their achievements using the computer. From this broad perspective, electronic exams make special use of technology.
Autosave feature is one of the common features of electronic exams, and it ranges from 10 seconds to 2 minutes that some programs that have been released offered such features for examinations.

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