The Faculty of Pharmacy at LIMU Successfully Concluded Discussions on Graduation Research Projects for the Fourth Batch of the Doctor of Pharmacy Program (2023-2024).

The growing joy and distinction at LIMU owe much to our outstanding students, both in knowledge and character, their diligence, and impressive participation. The involvement of families added a touch of joy, warmth, and grandeur to the occasion.

On the morning of Thursday, December 14, 2023, the discussion sessions for the graduation projects of the fourth Doctor of Pharmacy batch (2023-2024) unfolded. The first project, supervised by Dr. Ali Al-Mabsout, investigated the life quality of cancer patients subjected to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, presented by students Rataj Abdulnasser, Nareman Jamal, Mohamed Taktash, and Abdulwahid Abduljaleel.

Subsequently, under Dr. Ali Al-Mabsout’s guidance, students Balsam Madi, Haneen Saad, and Haneen Mohamed presented their project focusing on dermatological disorder (Acne), exploring cost-effectiveness, adverse effects on patients’ quality of life, and treatment outcomes.

The third project, under the supervision of Dr. Ali Al-Mabsout, addressed the types of antibiotic treatment and resistance used for patients with UTI, presented by students Asraa Al-Anizi, Almasa Abdul Salam, and Malak Abdul Rahim.

Following that, students Shaima Boukar, Iman Bin Hleem, and Abdulrahman Al-Shuwaehdi, supervised by Dr. Heba Al-Shami, delved into Libyan pharmacists’ self-perceived competence and confidence to plan and conduct pharmacy practice research.

Concluding the presentations, students Alaa Hamed, Buthaina Tarek, and Heba Adel, under the supervision of Dr. Hanin Al-Nuweiser, explored the role of pharmacists in obesity management in Benghazi, Libya.

Lastly, the project presented by students Najat Sami, Sarah Ali, and Salsabil Salah, supervised by Dr. Radwan Al-Najjar, investigated African natural products as potential inhibitors of FLT3 for acute myeloid leukemia, involving high-throughput virtual screening, drug likeness, and docking investigation at LIMU.

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