The Faculty of Pharmacy Commemorates International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Organized by the Student Activities Unit at the faculty, and under the supervision of the Dean’s Office, the Faculty of Pharmacy commemorated on Sunday, February 11, 2024 the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”.

The session began with a speech from Dr. Mohammed Saad, President of the University, who affirmed that women, representing half of society, have a major role in education and are highly influential in all fields of science. Then Dr. Salmah Boukhtoua, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, expressed profound thanks to student Fatima Alzoi for hosting the session and participating in organizing this celebration. She also thanked the head of the Student Activities Unit at the faculty, Dr. Wafaa Masoud and Dr. Amena Bougrin, Dean’s Office registrar, and all the student organizers of this event. Celebrating this international day for the first time at the Libyan International University, Dr. Salmah confirmed that women have an important role in several fields, most importantly scientific research and publishing.

Then the discussion session began with today’s speakers: Dr. Safa Kishar, Director of Documentation and Decision Support at the University, Dr. Najiba Istitta, Director of Communications, and Dr. Ilham Daboubi, Head of the Social Office at the University. Students Raghd Alsalabi, Ayah Alkargli and Sajouan Alarfi also spoke.

The ceremony concluded by honoring the speakers and organizers of the celebration.

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