The Internal Audit Visits the Health Administration Program

The internal audit team started working this morning, Monday, July 17, 2023, from the university’s meeting room in the presence of the committee overseeing internal audit, which is led by quality and governance consultant Dr. Khabab Abdel Moneim, as well as the university president Prof. Mohamed Saad, along with Dr. Sabri Gibran, dean of the faculty of business administration, and the faculty staff.

The internal audit team has finished auditing the faculty of business administration’s health administration program. Analyzing and evaluating various program components, such as curricula, teaching strategies, and evaluation systems, which led to the team determining whether the program complied with the standards of the national center for quality assurance and accreditation of educational and training institutions. The evaluation process also looked at human resources, infrastructure, student services, and internal and external communication.
The internal audit aims to increase the program’s standards to satisfy the requirements of our students and the community while ensuring compliance with the established criteria.
The audit’s findings include a list of the program’s advantages and concrete procedures that help it achieve quality and excellence. To satisfy the necessary criteria, the areas that need strengthening and development were found. The staff involved in the program’s quality and excellence cooperated and coordinated during the audit process. It was decided to collaborate in order to put comments and suggestions into action that would enhance the health administration program and satisfy program accreditation standards.
Dr. Khabab Abdel Moneim stated that the faculty team, which was also very diligent in putting the prior recommendations and observations into practice, cooperated with the audit team and made a very commendable effort.

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