The LIMU Students Union Starts a Fundraising Effort for Citizens of Affected Cities.

The Libyan people,
a community that cares for one another, helps those in need, and sticks together during difficult times. It is the moment for attitudes of generosity.

Together with your brothers and partners back home, you expanded into the eastern cities that had recently experienced a horrific hurricane that had a catastrophic impact on the lives of the locals. In these trying times, we address you with a plea for your speed and unity, and for turning your intentions and words into deeds in the direction of people who are in desperate need of your assistance and support.

With the personal follow-up of the university registrar general, we at LIMU and its student union believe in the significance of our social and humanitarian duty in offering aid and support to those impacted. Without your response, neither our mission nor our goals will be successful. We cordially encourage each and every one of you to contribute to our effort to aid the people of the eastern region.

You are free to donate in any way you see fit, whether it be a monetary gift or the provision of commodities, clothing, and other necessities. Every donation helps to lessen the suffering of those who are affected and raises communal spirits.

We will be grateful for your efforts and support in these difficult moments. To donate or for more information, please contact us via:

Together, we can make a difference, enhance our country’s ability to come together in difficult times, and assist those in need. I appreciate your kind words and the donation you made as expected.

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