The President of the University witnesses the launch of the expanded quality management training program.

The Quality Department’s expanded training program was launched on September 3, 2023, in the National Unity Hall, in collaboration with the University’s Quality and Governance Advisor, Dr. Khabbab Abdel Moneim.
The program aims to improve the skills of trainers for the expanded quality team, who will then promote and publicize the university’s commitment to quality.
The course’s launch was attended by the University President; Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saad, University Vice President for Community and Environmental Affairs; Dr. Ali Saeed, Director of Quality Management; Dr. Muftah Etwilb, and Director of the Planning Department; Professor Asmaa Al Zoghaibi, as well as members of the quality team from various faculties and departments.
The program aims to provide intensive training courses for all members of the quality team in order to achieve the goal of capacity building, allowing eligible participants to apply quality standards and authorization in higher education institutions, promoting a quality culture in the learning and work environment, and developing planning, evaluation, and continuous improvement skills.

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