The University and the Strategic Planning for the Workforce in the Health Sector

Both Dr. Al-Senussi Al-Taher, designate president of the university and Dr. Salma Boukhtwa, university vice dean for research and consulting affairs, participated in a workshop on strategic planning for the workforce in the health sector, which was organized by the World Health Organization office in Libya, to develop human resources skills in the health sector.

The workshop was organized on July 6 & 7, 2021 AD at Al Wahat Hotel in Benghazi, under the full supervision of the World Health Organization and in the presence of Dr. Dan Kasaginj, who is responsible for developing human resources of the Libyan Ministry of Health in addition to Dr. Ibrahim Ajbeel who is a representative at the ministry. The participants concluded by defining many strategic goals as well as action plans that would support the development of health workers in Libya in a manner that ensures the fairness of providing health services to the Libyan citizen.

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