The university seeks to provide health insurance service for its employees

The Libyan International University for Medical Sciences as a leading private university in its field has endeavored and sought to be joined by the best-qualified staff and lecturers to implement its general strategy in providing a distinguished educational and research service, through many different programs and advantages that have a positive impact in spreading the competitive spirit of personal and professional development, including Health insurance service for faculty members and workers that the university plans to accredit.

In this context, the President of the University Council, Prof. Muhammad Saad held a meeting that included a number of university vice presidents and deans of the various faculties and departments, in addition to a committee from the Libyan Joint-Stock Insurance Company headed by its General Director, Dr. Adel Abdel Aziz Sultan, who gave a presentation that included full explanations about the company, its specialization, and the various services it provides in The field of health insurance.

After the presentation, the opportunity was opened for inquiries and inquiries about the health insurance service and its various types, and what could be the best option for the university to achieve its goals and general strategy.

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