On Monday, 2 groups of BMS students presented a seminar on Pericarditis & MI.
The first group was made up of the following team:
*Amaney Omar Elread.
*Khaled Nasr Ghabash.
*Fatma Abdelmohsen Buoud.
*Lojain Ashraf Elmabrouk.
*Taha Elsherif Smew.
And the 2nd group of students were:
*Donya Ahmed Ata.
*Keran Jaher Alam.
*Moftah Idris Elagory.
*Abdelraouf Jibreel Burwag.
*Ahmed Fahmi Abdelsalam.
BMS students are required to present weekly seminars in groups of approximately 5 students of varying relevant topics. These seminars are attended by their co-ordinator and a number of professors and academic staff members. Once the presentation has finished, the students and attendees all discuss the important aspects of what has been presented.

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