“University Dental Center” is Close to the Canadian Merit

A meeting with the team working on the LIMU dental center’s Canadian accreditation was conducted today, Wednesday, the second of August, and the essential standards and procedures for achieving accreditation were discussed and evaluated.

Future plans for completing the processes required to gain accreditation for each axis were discussed, and it is anticipated that these actions will be finished soon.
This action is a part of the center’s commitment to raising the standard of dental treatments offered.

‘’The level of excellence and high quality we strive for in our services to the community, students, and patients who visit the center will be demonstrated by our eligibility for Canadian accreditation.’’

In order to improve the university’s dentistry center’s practical excellence, improve the experiences of students and patients, and increase the center’s standing internationally, obtaining Canadian accreditation is a significant feat.

The accrediting team is eager to work together and continuously work toward accomplishing this admirable aim. The team emphasized the significance of the cooperation of all team members and working as one to assure the achievement of this accreditation and expressed their eagerness and optimism about the challenges ahead.

Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Tarhouni, the chairman of the accreditation committee, appreciated the efforts and dedication displayed by the accreditation team at the conclusion of the conference and expressed his sincere gratitude for the center’s journey towards obtaining Canadian accreditation. He emphasized the significance of this accomplishment in elevating the institution and university’s standing on the national and international level.
The accreditation team is dedicated to moving forward toward achieving the desired goal and making a positive impact on the advancement of dentistry, patient care, and achieving practical and research excellence in this crucial field.

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