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University Policy

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  • Develop academic programs is an important policy in our university to accomplish the task of education and continuing medical education.

  • Conducting periodic self-evaluation.

  • Establishing academic relationships with other bodies and organizations and prestigious international universities in order to exchange expertise, as well as provide consulting and academic cooperation.

  • Training of university staff on self-evaluation and thus improving the chances of continuous development.

  • Emphasis on the values of quality, excellence, and competitiveness of the University.

  • Provide scientific and educational classes that encourage creativity and innovation and move away from stereotypes, simulation, and replication in an effort to create a professional environment.

  • Work to maintain a healthy working environment, in allowing freedom of choice and respect for human rights.

  • Respect for dignity and humanity without discrimination of ethnicity, religion, gender, or political beliefs.

  • Supporting healthy lifestyles and strengthening the links between the familiarity of students and working to develop the talents and capacities in the promotion of ethics and values.

  • Commitment to transparency and scientific integrity in the implementation of regulations adopted and declared in the implementation of educational programs.

  • The University is committed to participate and contribute in all various activities and events in the community aware of their pioneering role and importance in improving community participation and promotion.

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