University President Leads Committees Meeting for Honoring Symbols Ceremony

In the presence of Prof. Muhammad Saad, president of LIMU, Dr. Ali Saeed Al-Barghathi, general supervisor of the celebration, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Maghrabi, general registrar, and chairmen and members of the committees. By releasing the names of the symbols, the organizing committee held an expanded meeting today, Saturday, August 7, 2023, to oversee the preparation for the major celebration for the most well-known Libyan leaders known to contribute and donate in all fields in the university’s meeting and study halls. LIMU places a lot of emphasis on this strategy because it advances a sense of identity and belonging in line with the goals and objectives it has had since its founding by restoring noble values, the most important of which is the value of loyalty. The majority of the notable individuals’ families have been approached to finish the symbols’ biographies and gather special photos and other memorabilia.

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