Arab Medical Education Experts Participation in the Medical Education Conference (11)

Community based Medical Education Speech in MEC

The President of the University Council opened the Medical Education conference 2019 yesterday morning in the presence of Mr. Vice President of the Interim Government Dr. Abdul Salam Al Badri and a number of professors of the Egyptian Suez Canal University, former Minister of Interior Dr. Ashour Shuael, in addition to the university\’s agents and deans and agents of various colleges, and a group of pioneers of Medical Education and interested academics.

At the beginning of the session, The President of the University, Mr. Dr. Mohammed Saad, who emphasized the leadership of the Libyan International University of Medical Sciences, in applying the strategies of active and self-guided learning and the concept of continuous learning, praised the strenuous efforts that achieved impressive results and deserved success, crystallized in the proper application of the new system, and a high level of output that enabled the competition of their peers from graduates of prestigious international universities, and enabled its students to publish research in international journals before graduation.

The University\’s president pointed out that the university\’s application of active and self-guided learning strategies and the concept of continuous learning, contributed to an important knowledge transfer, for the first time in Libya, and achieved a major shift with the means of self (and without support) in improving the level of medical education in Libya, albeit in difficult circumstances.

The conference was also addressed by Interim Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Salam Al Badri, noting the importance of the University and its efforts in preparing this conference, which aims to contribute to the enrichment of scientific research in the field of Medical Education.

Mr. President of the Preparatory Committee Prof. Dr. Abdul Mansoori (Vice President of the University for Public Affairs Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences) who pointed out that the holding of this scientific conference comes from the university\’s mission in the field of scientific Education and research and the development of the capabilities of faculty members, and strengthening the role of the university in creating national leaders capable of taking the initiative in the field of medical education, in addition to contributing to the enrichment of scientific research in the field of Medical Education.

At the end of the opening session, The Chairman of the Preparatory Committee honored the sponsors of the conference with certificates of appreciation and commemorative shields.

It is worth mentioning that the Medical Education conference targets faculty and graduate and university students in colleges (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, Basic Medical Sciences) as well as specialists related to educational health facilities, deans of Faculties and university presidents.

The conference also aims to contribute to enriching scientific research in the field of Medical Education, and to give the target group different Skills through workshops and programs accompanying the conference, and to reach a common language to enhance communication between those interested, and to highlight the role and contribution of the Libyan International University of Medical Sciences in the service of the community, in addition to motivating young faculty members to conduct scientific research in the field of medical education.

The Medical Education conference focuses on modern teaching methods, developing the educational abilities of faculty members, developing and developing curricula, Evaluating Students, and accrediting higher education institutions.
The conference includes a number of workshops on Problem-based learning /PBL, station design in the Objective Clinical Examination Structured (OSCE), evaluation in competency-based education, objective clinical examination structured using OSVE video, and TBL-based learning.

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