Debate Club: A charitable activity in solidarity with Gaza and support for Derna

The Debate Club organized a charitable event in solidarity with Gaza and support for Derna, held on March 8, 2024, in Benghazi. University leaders, employees, and esteemed guests attended the event, which aimed to promote social solidarity and volunteer work.

The event featured a charity bazaar with artistic displays, music, projects, cafes, and restaurants. Special thanks were given to the sponsors: Leadership Branch of Agencies, Central Castle Pharmacy, and Nova Chocolate. The Debate Club also expressed gratitude to the Palestinian team and various establishments, cafes, and restaurants for their support. The event included equestrian performances by the National Popular Equestrian Committee of Greater Benghazi. Contributions from Beirut, DIVAN, Bil Halib, and Aya Al-Warfalli were acknowledged. The proceeds from the event will be dedicated to supporting families affected by floods and displacement.

The event organizers :

Fatima Al-Zawi, Ritaj Al-Raei, Muntasir Al-Houti, Saleha Juhran, Ritaj Al-Arfi, Tamim Al-Shatiti, Yusra Razaqa, Mohammed Zaki Biltamr, and Wijdan Al-Awjli.

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