Establishing an Inspiring Architectural Student at the Faculty of Engineering

The architectural studio was visited by Prof. Omar Al-Dinali, the dean of the faculty of engineering, to assess what the students had accomplished in regards to the methodological requirements in the architectural design course (Basic of Design) (I)
Notably, the faculty of engineering strives to create an architectural student who aims to draw inspiration from a variety of sources all around him through its creative courses, which are always being developed and improved.
Each student is required to pick a word for this term and look for images that accurately depict the word’s meaning. Also, to start thinking analytically about how to convert this vision within the constraints of the project planned for this stage, which the purpose of the final presentation is to make clear the progression of thought from a picture that represents words and words to a two-dimensional design, then it is raised to the third dimension, and finally it evolves into a function that mimics human movement and standard.

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