Faculty of Pharmacy

Vision statement

That the faculty occupies a regionally advanced position in the fields of pharmacy education, research and community service.

Mission statement

  • Implementing new pharmacy education programs based on science, clinical skills and professional behavior which adopt guided self-learning and lifelong learning strategies.
  • Applying quality management systems in line with local, regional and international standards.
  • Providing professional development programs and carrying out research that meets the needs of the community with a commitment to professional ethics.


  • Providing the country with specialized pharmacists who are able to provide pharmaceutical care.
  • Developing educational and research programs to meet the needs of the community.
  • Developing self-learning methods using advanced technologies, and rooting the principle of continuing professional education.
  • Developing field training programs for students.
  • Supporting scientific research and postgraduate programs.
  • Raising the efficiency of human resources in the faculty and developing its capabilities.
  • Adopting academic standards that achieve the faculty’s vision and mission.
  • Quality management system support.
  • Business process management application.

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