Law Program Orientation Days: Launching Your Journey at LIMU

Aligning with the Law Program’s acclaimed approach – distinguished methodology and innovative learning – and its success in attracting students, the School of Human and Social Sciences at LIMU launched a four-day orientation program for first-semester students (Spring 2023-2024) on Saturday, March 16, 2024. Designed to prepare and integrate new students into the university community, the program offered a range of informative sessions.

Day One: Welcome and Introduction

Dr. Ali Saeed, Dean of the School of Human and Social Sciences, delivered a warm welcome on behalf of University President Dr. Mohamed Saad. He introduced the concept of legal studies at LIMU, emphasizing its unique approach.
Senior department directors, including the Law Program Director, Registrar, Psychological and Educational Counselor, Director of International Relations and Academic Cooperation, and faculty members, provided introductory remarks. Their aim was to inspire new students, familiarize them with the university’s structure, and encourage them to embark on their academic journey. Additionally, they explained the key functions of their respective departments and how they support students.
The Law Program team, along with outstanding students from the previous semester, led a tour of key university facilities such as classrooms, the library, and laboratories.

Day Two: Unveiling the Law Program

The Law Program team introduced themselves and their roles within the program.
Ms. Afaf Al-Twalib (Educational Supervisor and Student Affairs Officer) presented the interactive learning system, encompassing e-learning modules, legal activities, international day observances, field trips to courtrooms, and the PBL (Problem-Based Learning) system.
Following this, Ms. Amani Al-Shihi (Coordinator of the Study and Examinations Office) outlined the key study and examination regulations.
The day concluded with a workshop led by Ms. Afaf Al-Twalib and the Student Union, focusing on the PBL system. New students participated in a legal scenario that addressed educational objectives related to the gradation of crimes.

Day Three: Mastering the Tools

The program team conducted a workshop for new students on utilizing electronic learning and communication platforms like the Moodle platform and email. They also facilitated the download of the Safe Exam Browser application, enabling students to take exams from their computer
Ms. Istibraq Nashad, Quality Specialist, highlighted the importance of the Quality Assurance Office and the role of student feedback in enhancing the learning experience through surveys.

Closing: Building Legal Expertise

The orientation program concluded on the fourth day with a captivating lecture by lawyer Ali Al-Saiti titled “Presentation and Delivery Skills.” This session aimed to integrate students into interactive environments, as these skills are integral to their learning assessments and the development of their legal identities.
Overall, the four-day orientation program successfully equipped new law students with the knowledge, resources, and support system necessary to thrive in their academic journey at the Libyan International Medical University.

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