LIMU in the Spread of Joy and Goodness The 2nd International Charity Bazaar Opens

The kids of this nation develop, invent, and take the lead when they have access to a healthy atmosphere and a pleasant environment. This is not just a quick-hit motivating speech; rather, it is a reality that has been established and solidified by the exceptional triumphs that the students of this university have had, even on a global scale. When the operations of the charity market were started in support of the upkeep of the orphanage in the city of Benghazi, some of these exciting events truly had an impact on them. The youth of LIMU are not content with merely expressing human emotions and feelings; rather, they translate these into a program that aids any group or institution looking for assistance; what they have achieved is not a first. During the holy month of Ramadan, the LIMU’s Student Union ran a volunteer campaign in support of the Children’s Hospital’s Department of Hematology and Oncology. The campaign was successful, and the representative of the charity campaign received the donations.

Goodness produces more good, goodness produces joy, and joy produces more good. Young people who were full of hope and optimism organized a noteworthy bazaar with numerous participants and constructive initiatives that embraced the concept and acted quickly to put it into practice.

Salutations to “Khalil” and his fellow students in the Students’ Union for doing good deeds and supporting humanitarian causes. praise to everyone who took part. praise to those who brought the book, praise to those who brought the music, praise to those who brought the entertainment, praise to those who brought the education, praise to those who brought the education, praise to those who brought the food, and praise to those who brought the inspiration and encouragement before them with their smiles.

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