Students from LIMU Take Part in a Global Program.

A number of students from the faculty of information technology, supervised by Ms. Israa Al-Amami, participated in the program run by Rutgers University under the name of Global Citizenship for Educators, which included students from six different countries. This was done as part of the LIMU’s desire to involve its students in international programs.

Through this program, students establish research, interaction, and international exchange with their undergraduate counterparts in the US, Mexico, Nigeria, China, and Kenya. They engage in meaningful exchanges, sharing information about the university and its various faculties and teaching methods, as well as analyzing teaching methods in multiple contexts in each nation. designing and disseminating lessons in global citizenship. University faculty members from each of the participating nations work together to create student exchange programs. A certificate from Rutgers University will be given to each participating student. “The Graduate School of Education at Rutgers”.

Names of participating students:

Fakhruddin Karaman
Abdul Salam bin Shatwan
Raghad Al-Aqili
Maryam Bouthen
Serageldin Al-Maqsabi
Islam Al-Burgo
Qusai Al-Shuwaidi

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