The Approval of a University Education Center’s Establishment

The Approval of a University Education Center’s Establishment

The University Council (226) scheduled its regular meeting on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, for its sixteenth session of the calendar year 2023.
When the members devoted themselves to carefully giving adequate time for expressing views and opinions on the agenda issues. Until after thorough research over several sessions to arrive at the best decision, no order, direction, or decision is ever chosen.

The following topics were discussed during today’s Tuesday session: – Hearing the president of the university’s remarks.

  • A conference call with the university’s IT staff:
    In this meeting, the networks and infrastructure projects that had recently been finished as well as those that were still in development were reviewed. By this, it was confirmed that the university was making progress toward full mechanization and utilizing all contemporary technology.

Approval of the general regulations of the faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.

  • Addressing the university of programs’ proposed organizational structure:
    Broad guidelines have been established in this regard for the transition to a university of programs and the achievement of the benefits that go along with it through an advanced organizational structure that supports the university’s objectives, achieves sufficient flexibility, and enhances educational processes and programs.
    To oversee the task’s completion in this instance, a committee composed of the vice president for educational affairs, the university advisor for planning and operations management, and the dean of the faculty of business administration was set up.

It has been decided to build a university educational center that will focus on postgraduate studies in the disciplines of medical education and learning, as well as teaching techniques, teaching abilities, boosting educational standards, and institutionalizing these programs.

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