Eleventh Batch of Dentistry Graduates Celebrate Exceptional Graduation Ceremony

The journey of the eleventh batch of the Faculty of Dentistry at the International University concluded with an exceptional graduation ceremony .The event was attended by university leaders and staff, as well as the families of the graduates. The acting university president, Dr. Abdullah Al Mansouri, praised the achievements of the graduates, describing their graduation as a culmination of their efforts and knowledge. Dr. Sanusi Taher, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, also spoke, delivering a heartfelt speech filled with noble sentiments. The Registrar, Ibrahim Al Maghribi, expressed his pride in the International University and its international program accreditation. The university celebrates its graduates, presenting them with shields of gratitude and appreciation. Outstanding students were honored, certificates were distributed to all graduates, amidst the joy of families and their optimism for the future.

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