University President Heads Council Meeting: The near future will witness unprecedented development and updates.

This Tuesday morning, the sixteenth of April 2024, the University Council (242) held its fourth regular meeting of the year under the chairmanship of the university president, attended by the registrar, vice presidents, deans, department heads, and the student union president.

During the meeting, attendees discussed the agenda items, including members’ proposals. The university president emphasized in his opening statement that LIMU will undergo significant curriculum development aligned with established directions, reflecting the remarkable advancements across all fields of science. This necessitates interaction, assimilation, and integration into all programs, notably embracing artificial intelligence capabilities and a university-wide academic transformation surpassing traditional curriculum and learning methods.

Dr. Mohammed Saad affirmed that the university will continue its policy of continuous improvement and development in its programs, comparable to reputable universities worldwide.

The president proudly mentioned the international accreditation of the Faculty of Medicine by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the imminent attainment of international accreditations for other programs meeting required standards.

Additionally, he disclosed that the university will implement a business process management system in place of traditional administrative systems, making it the first institution in Libya to adopt university process management.

Today’s meeting also featured presentations from the Community and Environmental Service Office, aligned with the strategic plan for social responsibility and sustainability, delivered by Ms. Wahiba Al-Hassi, Director of the Community and Environmental Service Office.

There was also a presentation on comprehensive quality policy by Mr. Niral Bougrara, Director of Quality Management.

Furthermore, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Omar Ben Saleem, Director of the Law Program, introduced a proposal to establish an International Legal Studies Center.

Attendees were briefed on the Student and Young Doctors’ Association, presented by student Abdelmouez Azzeddine Al-Lafi.

The meeting also addressed the third edition of the scholarship program, which this year offers 10 scholarships for the Nursing program covering full university costs, urging those interested in this specialization to apply promptly.

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