Dr Abdallah Mansori, the Vice Dean for Public Affairs & Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences officially opened the 4th annual BMS scientific day. In attendance were Mr Ibrahim Elmaghribi, the registrar and a number of deans and vice deans and university students from different faculties.
The open day included numerous activities like presentations about the topics they’re learning , different ways to get through the curriculum like scientific reports, research, posters and presentations organized by the faculty and executed by the students throughout the academic year. 
Students also gave a presentation in the clinical skills laboratory about basic medical skills they’ve learnt, like measuring vital signs (breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure), giving intramuscular injections, insertion of a canula, how to measure blood sugar levels, suture wounds, inspect the eye and ear.
The first three years of study for the Medicine students, and the first 2 years of study of the dentistry students are all taught by the faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.

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