The Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) is planning to approve a new strategy of digitalization. LIMU emphasizes that knowledge empowers citizens and helps to improve their lives. One of LIMU central roles is to improve access to information and knowledge for Libyan citizens and others through appropriate use of information and communication technologies. This could be achieved by establishing a digital strategy that would increase the LIMU presence, significance and capacity in addition to exploring the impact of LIMU students’ experience in research and learning.

Engaged all students, faculty members and researches in full utilization of technology in creating and using knowledge.

Libyan International Medical University is concerned with engaging all students, faculty members and researches in a full utilization of information technologies platforms and digital solution available in the university.

  • Define the existing technologies digital solution suitable for knowledge management.
  • Introduce any needed not available of presence.
  • Measure the utilization of all available digital solution.
  • Engage nonusers or low level users to increase the utilization of available digital solution.
  • Review and remedy any shortcomings in the system.