Frances earned her MA in TESOL from the University of Illinois. She is the Academic Coordinator at the Intensive English Institute and also works with the pronunciation teachers at the IEI.


Literature, History, Musical Instrument


IDCourse NameDurationStart Date
EV7Financial Analyst Course3 years09/08/2015
EV7Masters in Finance3 years09/08/2015
EV5Chemical Engineering3 years09/04/2015
EV7Masters in Finance (3 Years)3 years09/08/2015
EV5Chemical Engineering Course3 years09/04/2015


IDEvent NameDurationStart Date
EV142015 Sally Ledger Memorial Lecture3 days03/01/2017
EV10History of Art Information Event2 days10/02/2017
EV9Frontiers of Fifteenth - Century Art6 days25/12/2016
EV5Class Day Ceremony For Students2 days10/02/2017
EV492nd Annual Honors Convocation1 days08/01/2017