·Pharmacy Industry :

Description: This course provides fundamentals of pharmaceutical manufacturing and how to manufacture safe medicines in a regulated environment. This course provides students with a broad understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, rules which govern manufacturing and the guidelines on how these are applied.

·Animal-Health & Veterinary Pharmacy :

Description: This course provides overview about the organization and functions of veterinary medicine education and practice, the functions of veterinary dosage forms and methods of drug compounding, distribution and administration.

·Pharmacist & Critical Care :

Description: Course topics include how to be an ICU pharmacist; pain, agitation, and delirium; PAD; vasopressors/sepsis; sepsis controversies; ventilators; seizures/status epilepticus; reversal of anticoagulation; neurocritical care topics; RSI/ED topics; status asthmaticus/COPD exacerbations; DVT/PE/SUP; AKI/RRT; liver failure/HRS/encephalopathy; antibiotic issues in critical care; toxicology

· Family-Health & medicine :

Description: This course provides family medicine approach to problem solving and clinical decision making, and advances the student’s knowledge of the clinical content of family medicine for most common problems. Students will also learn about assessing risk factors such as domestic violence, substance abuse, and illiteracy, and provides appropriate counseling and referral.

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