This Clinical course the student will learn how to:

1.Identify,manipulate and understand properties of all the materials to be used in the performance of various clinical and laboratory steps.

2. Follow a complete diagnostic procedure, plan a course of treatment which includes any preprosthetic management as the case warrants.

3. Perform basic clinical steps like impression making, recording jaw relations, try in, insertion procedures and management of post insertion problems.

4. Perform all those laboratory procedures related with the clinical steps.

5. Evaluate and sum up the results of the performed treatment of different steps.

6. Evaluate patient through various means in the maintenance and care of the prosthesis and the oral tissues.

This course also provides both didactic and practical experiences including the application towards diagnosis and treatment planning for fixed restorations.

There is use of many clinical skills acquired in other areas that are applicable to the preparation of abutment teeth and construction of prostheses.

The treatment procedures will be directed towards longevity of fixed restorations and supporting structures entailing critical concern about accuracy of techniques as well as preservation and prevention, Included in the course will be advanced abutment preparation, designing of bridges, temporization, impression techniques, cementation, and maintenance.

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